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​Racial Healing and Reconciliation 

AISJ’s pioneering justice strategy is designed to increase critical conversations surrounding the issues that systematically keep low-wealth populations from having access to prosperity and the full actualization of human rights. Through local and national events, outreach, and collaborative efforts with individuals, organizations and government entities, AISJ serves as a beacon of hope in bringing to light the root causes of issues around race, class, and gender, while using a reconciliation strategy to foster a deeper understanding of the human experience.


  • Community learning Forums
    AISJ sponsors community learning forums featuring expert speakers as part of our Truth Series, addressing white privilege and internalized oppression; and our SHE Speaks Series, addressing gender equity issues.
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  • Diversity, equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training
    AISJ’s certified trainers provide diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs for organizations and businesses across Alabama. 

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Grassroots Organizing

With an extensive history in advocacy and outreach on behalf of low-income communities, AISJ understands the importance of centering and supporting individuals and communities to identify issues and develop solutions for grassroots-driven change. Using a race and gender equity lens, AISJ strategically advances and supports grassroots initiatives that increase economic advancement and level the playing field.

  • Community Outreach
    Working with a broad cross-sector of organizations that share in our mission and vision, AISJ hosts a variety of community-based events that advance both networking and collaborative outreach at the grassroots level.

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Training & Leadership Development

AISJ is committed to developing leaders to advance the important work of social justice. Our leadership model is one that creates leaders and not simply followers. AISJ serves as a central hub for leadership development and training in Alabama. Our innovative approach is designed to provide practical knowledge and application as well as tools and resources to empower leaders for civic engagement and community change.

  • Kingian Nonviolence Training
    The Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation training curriculum was developed by renowned civil rights activists Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr. and David Jehnsen. Kingian Nonviolence is based on the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the organizing strategies he used during the Civil Rights Movement. It is a holistic view of conflict that includes the study and analysis of conflict (how to understand conflict), the Principles of Nonviolence (the values of a community), and the Steps of Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation (how to address conflict and restore relationships).

    AISJ provides additional training, knowledge, and technical assistance on a variety of topics including early child-care learning, advocacy, business development, and grassroots leadership.

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