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Why Gender Equity
Women face historical and social disadvantages that can affect almost every aspect of their lives from educational and economic opportunities to health outcomes. This systemic gender bias goes beyond outright discrimination and includes stereotypes, assumptions, and expectations that prevent women from living and working in the world on a level playing field with men. Gender inequity affects all of us; when women face unequal opportunities and outcomes, it negatively impacts our children, our families, and our economy. 

To achieve gender equity, we must also acknowledge the role that race plays in gender bias. Black and minority women face even greater inequality than their white peers due to the intersection of racial and gender biases. Gender equity and racial equity are inseparable. If we are to successfully achieve gender equity, we must address both issues and how they are interconnected. 

Our Gender Equity Mission
AISJ works to achieve meaningful and sustainable systems change that advances equity at the intersection of race and gender. 


Gender Equity Policy Agenda

  • Valuing Women’s Work
    Value the work that women do and acknowledge its importance to our society and economy by ensuring that women — especially minority women — receive equal pay for equal work; address occupational segregation by increasing wages and securing benefits for careers predominantly filled by women; and support women-owned businesses through equitable access to funding, capital, and other business supports.

  • Valuing Women’s Lives
    Improve health outcomes for women by implementing systems to eliminate bias and discrimination in health care and support advancements in health equity that improve health care access and women's health outcomes.

  • Valuing Women’s Voices 
    Elevate women’s voices by promoting their lived experiences and leadership, and provide data and educational resources highlighting the impact of gender bias and inequity on Alabama’s women, children, families, and economy.

Judge Tiffany B. McCord (hi-res).JPG

AISJ is proud to partner with Judge Tiffany B. McCord to implement The Judge Tiffany B. McCord “Just Like You” Empowerment Program.

“Just Like You” empowers and encourages girls to reach their full potential by bringing local career women into Title I elementary schools to interactively discuss how they pursued the path to success in their fields. Each girl also receives a career guide and a Barbie Doll of her very own that both represents that career and portrays the diverse ethnic background of the girl receiving it.

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