AISJ June Event-4

Advocating for Social Justice

and Racial Reconciliation

AISJ launches film, “The Way Forward.”
Please watch to learn more about our six focus areas: child care advocacy,
voter rights/education, grassroots organizing, gender equity,
environmental justice, and racial healing and reconciliation.


To engage Alabamians by mobilizing communities, setting and acting upon a racial equity and social justice policy agenda, and creating peace through racial reconciliation and healing.


To create a state where economic, political, and social equity exist for everyone.


Respect, Inclusion, Compassion, and Equity.

Welcome to the
Alabama Institute for Social Justice

The Alabama Institute for Social Justice (AISJ) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for social justice and racial reconciliation across the state of Alabama. We work to remove barriers that limit and/or undermine the economic well-being of women and people of color through leadership development and training, advocacy and public policy, and racial healing and reconciliation.

What We Offer

& Outreach

Having an extensive history in advocacy and outreach on behalf of low-income communities, AISJ understands the important value of being a voice for the voiceless.

Training & Leadership Development

A critical component of AISJ’s mission includes serving as a central hub for leadership development and training in the state.

Public Policy & Justice Pioneering

The looming threat of an ever-changing legislative environment, coupled with a shifting political climate, creates an ongoing need for AISJ to continue forward-thinking, active advocacy of public policy reform.