Why We Exist

The vision of AISJ is to create a state where economic, political, and social equity exist for everyone. To achieve this vision, the mission of AISJ is to engage Alabamians by mobilizing communities, setting and acting upon a racial equity and social justice policy agenda, and creating peace through racial reconciliation and healing.

As an organization advocating for economic and social justice, AISJ values respect, inclusion, compassion, and equity.

  • Respect: AISJ encourages fostering an amicable and effective organization for all involved, by embracing differences in thought, methodology, and culture.
  • Inclusion: AISJ is an organization geared towards working across divergent peoples and groups, to ensure justice for all mankind regardless of race, religion, sex, intellect, or disability.
  • Compassion: AISJ is sensitive to the needs of humanity and works to demonstrate that care through thoughtful actions, collaborations, and programming.
  • Equity: AISJ seeks to promote fairness across multiple areas including political policy and racial disparity. AISJ has a vested interest in all people being treated fairly and having equal access to resources that will help them live better lives.