Our Team

Leadership and Staff

  • Lenice C. Emanuel, MLA, Executive Director
    Letter from Executive Director
  • Audrey Brown, Receptionist
  • Bonnie L. Taylor, Executive Support
  • Bill Kaser, Finance
  • Derrick Cobb, Technology Support
  • Deborah Thomas, Programs Advisor
  • Gwendolyn Reese, Social Justice Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Tari Williams, President
  • Dr. Michael Sibley, Vice President
  • Mary Moncrease, Secretary
  • Deborah Webb, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Sankey, Member
  • Ron Abernethy, Member


Alabama Child Care Alliance

The Alabama Child Care Alliance (ACCA) currently consists of more than 30 individuals and organizations collaboratively strategizing and addressing early care and education funding and policy issues. The membership includes a broad representation of parents, child care programs, child advocacy organizations, Head Start, and other community organizations. Members make various contributions to the Alliance, according to their strengths, for the benefit of Alliance members and in support of improving child care in Alabama.

The ACCA is evolving as a cohesive, self-directed, and powerful entity to improve the early care and education system in Alabama. Issues include:

  • annual Department of Human Resources (DHR) budgets for funding child care
  • the legal process of exempting child care programs from licensure in Alabama
  • the support of unlicensed child care with state and federal child care dollars
  • changes in eligibility, fees, and requirements for parents on the child care subsidy program
  • fees paid to child care providers for serving children on the subsidy program
  • various bills sponsored by legislators that affect child care in the state

Center for Community Change

The Center for Community Change (CCC) is an organization that is dedicated to building social change through social movements. A key partner in working with AISJ to build a cadre of grassroots organizers through leadership development and training, CCC offers technical support to AISJ as part of its economic justice strategy. Its mission is to build the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to change their communities and public policies for the better. Their focus areas include jobs and wages, immigration, retirement security, affordable housing, racial justice, and barriers to employment for formerly incarcerated individuals. As part of its Putting Families First Campaign, one of CCC’s core principles is valuing families, with goals of ending the systematic devaluation of care work, which disproportionately keeps women in poverty, by making high quality child care available to all working parents, raising the quality of jobs in the early childhood education and care fields, transforming homecare, and providing financial support to unpaid caregivers. AISJ is part of CCC’s National Child Care Cohort, which works collectively to advocate for local, state, and national policy change, in order to empower child care workers and families. To learn more about Putting Families First and CCC, click here.

Community Media Organizing Project

The Community Media Organizing Project (CMOP) is a partnership of progressive, grassroots, community-based organizations in the Southeast US who have joined forces to increase our capacity for using media coverage as an organizing tool. During the past six years, our combined efforts through CMOP have brought our members media training and ongoing strategic support, enabling us to improve our organizing efforts, influence public policy, develop leadership skills, and strengthen our organizations.

Delivering Good

AISJ partners with Delivering Good, located in New York City, to periodically distribute clothing to local organizations whose constituents are low-income families. The distribution items are primarily children’s clothing, although adult clothing and other items are sometimes included.

If you are an organization in the AISJ network, serving low-income families, you may apply to be notified when AISJ makes a distribution of goods. Please contact our office for more information at 334-279-3746.

Equal Voice for America’s Families

AISJ partners with grassroots organizations across the country to promote policies and advance changes that collectively support the visions and needs of working families in the United States. Three years ago the Marguerite Casey Foundation launched the Equal Voice for America’s Families campaign. The campaign was built on a foundation of engaging families in town hall meetings. Individuals spoke about their visions for their families and communities, the changes they sought, and their commitments to bringing them about. A National Family Platform emerged.

AISJ advances the Equal Voice campaign by continuing the community meeting format, supporting the people and processes needed to achieve policy changes vital to working families, and working cooperatively with other organizations on issues of mutual concern. Read more about the Equal Voice Campaign here.